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Arkansas Birth Matters

Arkansas Birth Matters. This is my home and when the military told us to pick any place in the United States to return to after our stint in Europe - Arkansas is where we picked. My roots are here and I love it: so instead of heading somewhere with a better birth culture, I came home. I personally may be done having children but I cannot sit idly by and ignore birthing women in my home state being robbed of choice. Being abused by their caregivers. Having to deal with rules and regulations that are nothing more than a thinly veiled power grab to continue controlling women's bodies by out of touch policy makers. So, yesterday I attended an Arkansas Board of Health meeting where a group of consumers plead to be heard. We were not. No matter though, the fight will continue and we will not give up until we are able to make informed choices about our own bodies.

Some of the kiddos at the meeting.

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