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A Goodbye, for now.

     In true ADHD fashion, I have put this notification off for as long as I can. My husband received orders to another base and so off we go. Our new home is only a few hours away but too far to continue birth work in the area so my time here is at, if not an end, at the least, a pause.

    We will be back in three years and we shall see what life brings forward then. I could never in a million years come up with the words to tell you how much all of your support and trust over the years has meant to me. Just know that I have so very much love for you all and will still be around on facebook if you need/want to reach out!

"The world shifts around us and

we shape ourselves to fit.

Imperfect and beautiful...

..wounded and thriving...

..delicate, invincible,

forever moving on.

Time is not the tide.

It moves in only one direction.

[we must] go forth with courage and in hope.

Change is not loss.

We must run with it,

dance with it..."

-Call the Midwife

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