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I can't begin to tell you what it feels like to have Brittany there for your birth.

She very literally is a saving grace. She documented one of the most important moments of our lives. Not only that but she helped my husband be the best support he could for me during and after when things took an unexpected turn, and for that I will never be able to repay her. She is so kind, and so caring, and honestly those words don't even scratch the surface. She is worth more than any possible price tag and you won't be disappointed having her as your photographer.

I know I already said it a bunch, but thank you SO MUCH Brittany. I am so blessed that our paths crossed, and we will never forget this. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

- Kayla W.



I never realized when we discussed the benefit of birth photography to grieving or traumatized moms that I would literally be in that situation in just a few short months. Now I know from personal experience that it indeed was worth the investment to capture those moments both good and bad. The healing and joy they brought is beyond priceless." More here

Stephanie J. 


I was a little nervous about the idea of birth photography--birth isn't when you look your best, and I'm pretty camera-shy anyway. I'm SO GLAD that I decided to go for it. Brittany was such a comfortable presence to have in the room, and the pictures... I can't describe it. My husband and I both teared up when we looked at them the first time. The actual event becomes something of a blur, especially when it goes fast, but the pictures brought me right back. To have a record to look back on of the very moment my son came into the world is an amazing thing. And Brittany did a fantastic job (my husband's comment was "wow, and I thought our wedding photographer was good"). The big and small moments were represented so beautifully, you can tell just to look at the photos that Brittany is as passionate as she is talented. I tell every pregnant person I know to give her a call, because it's so beyond worth it!

- Devon Deden


I can't even begin to put what having Brittany there for the birth of our daughter meant to us! She is absolutely incredible. The moment I spoke with her I knew she was the right person to capture this day, but little did I know that she would be so much more than a photographer. She was in constant contact throughout my pregnancy, checking in on me and my delivery, and then the day of, I can't even describe how incredible she was. There were so many moments she captured that I didn't even realize she was there for. She was supportive yet somehow silent and captured one of the most sacred times for our family. I forgot she was there most of the time and somehow she told a story through photos that made e sob. She is amazing at what she does, but you get so much more than photos. I'm for ever grateful we found her!

- Suzette Ginn


Brittany was absolutely fantastic at our birth. She was able to get amazing photos that my family will cherish forever!

A. Simmons


Again, Thank you so much to Brittany…[my husband] and I love these photos so freaking much and I can’t recommend her enough. I also just highly recommend having birth photos taken, even if its a weird concept to you. Brittany told me she’s never had a client who didn’t like the way she looked in her birth photos. And how could you? I don’t know how you could worry about a zit or double chin when you look at photos of yourself giving birth. I was worried that it would be weird or awkward or I would feel self conscious during the whole experience but Brittany is so incredible and professional and I honestly forgot she was there for the majority of it. Some of the photos I look at and wonder how she took them because I literally didn’t know the was there at that moment!



[Brittany] did such an amazing job capturing the birth of our sweet Landry. If you’re interested in having your birth documented please contact Wandering Oaks Photography. You won’t be disappointed with her, the professionalism, or the quality of the work. ❤️

- Noel Stuart



The heart is exoloding!

- Kellie K. 


Our birth photos are beautiful, I’m crying all over again!!! 

- Melissa R.


I didn't understand birth photography until she captured ours. I get it now that we have our most precious story to date so beautifully documented.



I would just like to say I've seen a lot of pictures from different "professional photographers", but you ma'am are a titan of your profession...Thank you and thank you for the support while at the hospital.

Heath D.

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