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February Babies are for Love (like all babies!)

This month I had the absolute joy of meeting this sweet girl and her family! It has been a while since I've had the pleasure of working with a doula so that I can mostly focus on just documentation so it was extra fun to grab the shots below of doula Chloe (with Arkansas Family Doulas) working it! Shake that apple tree!

Mom's water broke before the true start of labor so a little pitocin nudge was necessary. While we waited for it to do it's magic, we were treated to a lovely sunset over the Baptist Hospital parking deck! It was beautiful start to a lovely birthday evening.

A pregnant woman labors standing up next to a hospital bed with warm rays of the sunset streaming from the window behind her. Her husband stands behind her pensively taking it all in, his left side rimmed in golden sunlight.

Once babe got the message things moved quite quickly! Mom was able to pull babe up herself per her birth plan, although with a really short cord she had to stick close to mom's hip for a bit!

Dad initially got a bit overwhelmed but jumped right back into the action like a champ, even helping with mom's photo request with babe still attached to the placenta! And the first time he got to hold his little girl - oh, boy, he was beside himself with love. And ya'll know I love a dad in touch with his emotions!

newborn, still attached to placenta, cries on a white sheet
Holy short cord, Batman!

As always I am so incredibly honored to be welcomed into a birth space and to document these fleeting memories for growing families.

- Brittany


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