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Why is birth my passion? It does seem an odd interest, especially considering I've loved the very concept of birth since I was 13. I have just always felt called to it - to the ritual transition of a new life coming earthside and the transition from woman to warrior mother/family. Had I been born 200+ years ago maybe I would have been the village midwife. Who knows. Either way it would have been absolutely ordinary that, as a woman, I would have attended and assisted at women's births. It was a natural part of community life, this women with women, helping and gently guiding others into motherhood. My soul feels the lack of this 'together' in our new modern society. I fully believe that some things about basic humanity should not be discarded - a woman shouldn't be isolated in a medical environment (or birthing center/home for that matter) during this time. She should be surrounded and supported by her tribe! And it should be remembered and recorded, this coming together, this strength in numbers. When a woman's inner warrior comes out and she becomes 'mother.'

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