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Motherhood Minis

So...I'm a procrastinator, ya'll. I had plans to schedule Motherhood Mini Sessions this year - celebrating raw, beautiful motherhood...but...deployment. Kids. Life. You know how that goes! But as I am in the throes of this thing called motherhood - much like you guys - I can see the beauty and strength mixed in with the frustration and overwhelm. I send my husband photos of the kids, of the garden, of the organized play room. But I'm never in the photos. I am single parenting right now - I am the driving force behind this entire household and yet I'm basically invisible. What irony that a professional photographer lives in this house...and yet this goes undocumented.

So, while I work on correcting this with some tripod shenanigans, I wanted to extend the offer to capture some of your motherhood at work! I have a handful of sessions available and would love to document some everyday motherhood for you! Seriously, you owe it to yourself. Yes, life, the house, and your hair might be messy, but it is also beautiful and real and your children will want to see that someday. It will mean more to them (and to yourself) than you know <3

So, for Mother's Day 2019 I'm offering $100 in home mini sessions - you will get 25 digitals and a special gift. If you'd like to take advantage of this special just contact me here and we will make something beautiful together. I can't wait <3

PS: Want to know first about the random last minute special sessions? Join my VIP list here: where the emails go out rarely, the sun is always shining and the deals are even deal-ier. Yeah, I'm a dork :D You know you love it!

~ Brittany

Changing crib sheets while baby chills in the changing pad

mother reading stories to her babies

mom carrying the load

Mother multitasking

baby breastfeeding and offering mom his snack

breastfeeding wiggly toddler

mother and son tender moment

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