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Podcast Interview

Last week I was very excited to be guest on a new local podcast. Elizabeth Silverstein of Hew And Weld is a transplant to our state but I felt an immediate connection with her - we are both story tellers! She put me at ease and our chat/interview was a lot of fun <3 If you are so inclined read or take a listen here. I definitely opened up about some things I haven't really talked about here before such as how this whole birth photography adventure started!

"[I] was invited to a home birth. “It was really, really incredible to see,” Oaks said. “And I’d given birth by that point myself. But this was an unmedicated home birth. She started out in the water and ended up going to her bed. And just the raw power and just the fact that she invited only those people she wanted there was really, really interesting to me. That’s who was in that house and I was invited. And someone threw me a camera while she was pushing and the rest is history. I was just in love with it."

See? Betcha didn't know that! :D

You can find Elizabeth at her website and on Instagram and Facebook.

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