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Last Minute Push Presents

If you've found yourself googling "push present" because you aren't sure if this is something you're obligated to do...let me enlighten you partner! Basically a push present is a gift presented to a mom as a thank you for birthing your child. It is clearly not mandatory and some moms may think it unessesary. However, a thoughtful gesture is always appreciated am I right? Many partners choose a nice piece of jewelry or flowers and I've been delighted with both choices myself.

Push Present Necklace

But what if your beloved is not a fan of either traditional option? Or you have waited until the very last minute and haven't the time left to casually drop in a question about her favorite flower/stone (although clearly you should already know this by now! ha!) Here are a few ideas that could land you a spot as the last minute hero.

  • Traditional flower arrangements not her thing? Try an Edible Arrangement! Beautiful AND practical (heads up, if mama breastfeeds she will be be continuing to eat for two!)

  • Have enough time for a weekend away (but can't get too far away from the hospital at this point?) Check out my list of awesome places to have a local babymoon!

  • We have some pretty awesome local stores that sell postpartum mama care items: check out The Green Corner Store or Expressly for You for some lovely options. Don't want to leave the house and have Amazon Prime? This looks like a lovely option:

Postpartum Care Set

  • Does mom love a particular restaurant? You know you will both be too tired to cook and eventually you will burn through the casseroles from family so take some stress off of you both and grab a BiteSquad or GrubHub gift certificate! Dinner stress off!

  • There are lots of wonderfully capable massage therapists in Central Arkansas who would be happy to give your loved one a postnatal massage - this one will be a big winner I predict!

  • Did mom have a hard time in the postpartum period with your last baby? Help her be ready this time by prescheduling a mom support group or postpartum therapy at The Healing Arts Studio or even do some research into placenta encapsulation! She will be super impressed that you put in the time researching these options for her!

  • Has she been too overwhelmed to choose a doula? Help her do the last minute research and booking!

  • Is mama a mega planner and you know she already has plans for all of the above? Think about surprising her with the gift that keeps on giving! Birth or Fresh 48 sessions will capture all of the beautiful moments that she has worked so hard to bring to fruition! And she will know that not only did she choose a partner who loves her and is 100% emotionally committed to this process, she chose one with excellent taste as well ;)

Supportive Birth Breastfeeding Partner

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