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Wonder Wander

Have you ever wondered why wander is in my business name? (The Oaks part is probably pretty obvious). It has occurred to me that it's a strange name with which to cater to pregnant and birthing women. The biological urge for women nearing birth is to tidy their nest, to "stay", not go wandering about! Perhaps I should change it to something more "birthy"? BUT. Wander has been a large part of my own childbearing years. I moved houses while 9 months pregnant twice. While 7 weeks postpartum we moved overseas for the first time. My nursing years seemed an endless carousel of international flights. It's a truth for me, and living so near military bases it's probably a truth for many others in the area. In light of that I thought I would share a little of my wandering with you guys on this holiday weekend <3 You are my family after all - my favorite people to travel with.

From top left: US Marine Corps War Memorial (Washington D.C.), Fort Independence (Boston), The Colosseum (Rome), Great Grandma's backyard (Burlington, MA), The Washington Monument (D.C.), The Pantheon (Rome), Street Mural (Rethymno, Crete), Mount Vesuvius (taken from Naples, Italy), Rockwell Museum/Alley Art Project (Corning, NY), The Lincoln Memorial (D.C. - camera on a self timer precariously perched on the double stroller sun shade, do not recommend LOL), Pretty Door (Crete, Greece), Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), The Bourse Market (Philadelphia, PA), Street Mural (Corning, NY), Meteora Monasteries (Greece)

From top left: Nursing in front of the Duthain Dealbh Sand Sculptures at Dublin Castle (Dublin, Ireland), Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada), The Art Bridge in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia), Santorini (Greece), Abandoned leper colony (Island of Spinalonga, Greece), Rotunda (Thessaloniki, Greece).

This holiday weekend, I hope that you and those you love will make some memories, no matter if they are on the road or in your own backyard. Get out there. As soon as I close my laptop I plan to do the same. Hugs, family <3


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