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Downtown Little Rock Arkansas: Maternity Portrait Session (and an unusual use for a diaper).

Ya'll guys: it is HOT. Not the ideal conditions for a heavily pregnant woman to traipse around outside, right? But if you have your heart set on urban/beautiful water settings you just have to go for it and hope for the best. Now, you know that I'm not primarily a portrait photographer, usually preferring my documentarian/storyteller hat. BUT. I love people. I love my clients and their families! I love getting to know them and pulling their love, quirks, personalities out center stage! I love to learn people and capture what I've learned of and for them. This session was no different. I had previously met mom and big sister but hadn't met dad (I ALWAYS want to meet everyone that I can who will be in the birth space before hand - a sacred quiet space is no place for introductions or feeling shy!). So, we met downtown, introductions were made and we started walking!

No, the heat did not lend to comfort but I like to think we still had fun! The splash-pad at the end was a perfect treat and the sun came out from behind the clouds to treat us to a beautiful sunset. And the diaper? PERFECT face blotter in a pinch ;) Not that we ladies were sweating - we don't sweat, only glisten...right?


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