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Covid-19 And Central Arkansas Birth

Updated: May 16, 2020

I know it's nothing new at this point: the pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives, including birth. We know this. My business is being affected - I'm missing births and losing clients. It stinks, but I've taken comfort in the fact that we are all in this together. And we are making do, aren't we? Working around the new realities in the best way we can.

I wasn't able to attend this little one's birth - BUT we got creative and captured her special going home day! Added to birth photos taken by dad and edited by me: we made a pretty darn good gallery if I do say so my self :) It wasn't what we expected or planned, but maybe it was just perfect for this little quarantine babe <3

Baby's first mask ;)

What things specific to birth locally have changed, you ask?

- Prenatal care is often reduced or relegated to telemedicine and you usually must go back to the exam/ultrasound by yourself - no partner.

- Most prenatal classes and resources are now virtual only

- All area hospitals have implemented one visitor regulations in L&D. This visitor may not be switched out and must stay in the room the entire time.

- UAMS is no longer offering nitrous oxide, due to the risk of aerosolizing pathogens.

- Masks must be worn during labor and delivery.

- Regulations vary if you are suspected to have or test positive for Covid-19. You may be separated from your baby (but this is NOT evidence based - if you find this may be the case, please know your rights. You can also find an informed consent for refusal here).

- Some homebirth midwives are no longer providing waterbirth.

- Homebirth midwives are able to do their own risk assessments rather than clients having to brave the health department (This is in the yay category!)

Something we don't know though is how this will all shake out in the future: what will the birth landscape (the country? the world?) look like post virus? Is there a true possibility that these troubling times herald good changes ahead? Could we take all we have learned and experienced and use it for good? I think we can. And I think we will. You guys with me? Awesome. Let's walk forward together: with hope, determination, and love.

Socially distant hugs,



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