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Wander Wonder - Travel with Kids

So, I have done my fair share of traveling with kiddos as a military brat and spouse. While I was pregnant with boy #3 my husband received overseas orders and I feel like we have't stopped moving in the nearly 4 years since! If you're visiting my site because you are pregnant and starting to sweat it that the little person is going to slow your travel roll: I'm here to tell you that mom life and heeding the call of the travel bug are not mutually exclusive! Hooray! Travel with kids just takes a little more planning and patience, but in the end it pays off. For you and for your little one.

Recently one of my favorite mom bloggers asked for favorite trips for travel with baby - I was kind of excited that one of mine made the cut for her post. That basically means I'm an expert, right? Haha! Expert or not, I was inspired to create a little booklet of my best tips complete with a printable carry-on packing checklist. Click here (or below) to download it and become a kiddo lugging, world traveling pro! Trust me, you will (probably, ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, once the tantrum is over) not regret it <3

Travel with my stroller - not sponsored by Joovy in any way, ha!

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