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Session Prep Guide

A few tips to make the most of your Birth Documentation or portrait session. (TLDR: relax and be your beautiful self!)

  Portrait Session

Family, maternity, milestones, mini ect

A portrait session with me tends to be less about posing and more about connection and capturing the moments as they happen. If we haven't chosen a location, think about places that have meaning for your family - do you have favorite parks or buildings in town? Do you find yourself drawn to portraits you see that are in front of colorful murals? Water? Inside buildings? Have a quick think and jot down ideas so we can discuss! Sometimes weather, age of children ect can help steer our decision.

What to wear: something that makes you feel comfortable! If you feel uncomfortable you may look that way in your portraits. When planning a family wardrobe Pinterest is an excellent resource. For example, searching "what to wear fall 2022 family photos" will bring up lots of great ideas! Steer clear of large logos, competing patterns or anything overly matchy. Fun accessories are great and add a nice pop!

If you are looking for someone to handle hair and makeup, there are plenty of local resources: Winc BeautyPout, and SWaNK Hair Studio are popular choices. 


Maternity dress rentals are increasingly popular if you have the time to plan ahead! Some ideas here:    

Fresh 48/Newborn

Sessions with squishes

Sessions are typically 1-2 hours depending on baby's mood. It is helpful to have baby fed and happy just before your session if possible. Again, these sessions are more about capturing connections than posing.

Clothing should be comfortable and neutral so the focus is on baby (although I am a sucker for floral robes for mom!) Do bring/have on hand any special blankets or clothing you'd like to include.

Don't worry overly about cleaning up your hospital room/home – if I need to move something for a shot I will! Most importantly: relax. If baby gets fussy or needs a change, don’t worry. I am not in a hurry and I we will take our cues from baby. Take some deep breaths and enjoy this time with your new little human.


Baby time!

  • Make sure those attending the birth know I will be attending and that you'd prefer if no one blocked the important shots ;) (Yes, even your mom and sister!)

  • Be sure to check out a good packing list for the hospital, if you will be having baby there. I have a printable one on my blog.

  • What to wear: Anything or nothing! Most women tend to shed clothing as labor progresses. While it is totally up to you, and really isn't all that important, I like to recommend mom wears an easily removed/front closure bralette or the like if she is nervous about sharing her photos with family or friends.

  • If a homebirth I recommend neutral but not stark white toweling as it lends to better photos. Clip tags from toweling and receiving blankets if possible.

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