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Willa's Birth Story - A Central Arkansas Quarantine Baby

I met Willa's mom quite early in her pregnancy and chatted for ages! I was thrilled to be documenting her second child's birth. Months passed, we found out babe was a second girl. We met for a gorgeous maternity session and I got to spend some time getting to know dad and big sister so everyone would feel comfortable on the big day. And then...the pandemic. We knew that hospital regulations would likely prevent my attendance but we planned for early labor documentation at home, as well as documenting discharge and first bonding at home. But sweet Willa came fast and furious and there was no time for her family to call me!

(above photos taken by dad, edited by me; didn't he do an amazing job!?)

When I found out Willa was here, I was devastated to have missed her birth but was so happy to hear all had gone smoothly! And we made plans to meet at discharge the very next day.

I am so grateful that we were able to work together to still document this precious time for Willa's family! We will meet again when Willa is sitting up for a family session - and I cannot wait <3


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