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New Logo and Maybe More Spoons?

I realized last month that I hadn't blogged since early 2020. Oooof. While I cannot promise that I will be writing prolifically here in the future, I am going to try to write more than once every two years. Just maybe I'll have the spoons for that, birthy friends. And in the vein, I wanted to shout about my updated and refreshed logo! Years and years ago I hired a very dear friend of mine, Cari Williams to create my acorn baby logo. And I have loved him fiercely! I mean, with my last name being Oaks - that little acorn dude is kind of a loving nod to my own "acorns". So clearly he had to stay in the logo but I just wanted some color and cheer as well! I also needed more of a focus on the acronym that featured heavily in the direction my recent business name tweak took. WOMB, ya'll. WOMB. And all of those things are just what Cari gave me <3

I love it so so much! My little guy is still chilling there in his...floaty acorn space. The flowers! The colors! The womb-esque shapes! It has everything I asked for and more. Go check Cari out her new NWA venture, Art Attack Studios. Because she is amazing <3

Love ya'll and hope to chat again soon!

- Brittany


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