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Light and Shadow: The Birth of Vada Rose

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

“All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.” Leo Tolstoy

When I met Vada's mommy, I felt an immediate connection. She was having her second baby - a surprise that had delayed plans of family travels. Plans that had also been put on hold by a big scary diagnosis for her husband. Cancer. It changed and didn't change everything for them. They had been working hard to finish setting up jobs that would allow them to work remotely as they explored the globe - but these changes meant waiting. Waiting for treatments to be over and a baby to develop. But the hard work didn't stop. Daddy never stopped his day job and continued finishing his masters degree all the while. Waiting for this hard chapter to pass. To move from shadow to light - making a transition much like their new daughter would as she journeyed earthside.

Big sister had been born in a birth center several hours away - this wasn't an option in Little Rock, so they planned a homebirth. The big day arrived and mom worked through her rushes bravely - and labored beautifully in her space. As night closed in it became evident that little Vada had a surprise in store for her parents - a bottom first presentation!

After a quick jaunt to the hospital and an even quicker belly was here! Daddy got some bonding and skin to skin while mommy recovered - the relief was palpable and tears flowed <3 The unexpected bump in the road just didn't seem to matter much once they were all together - yes, there will be healing and it will be a process but the shadows in the story do not negate the light - Vada's birth was beautiful and a family is now complete.


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