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No Day But Today

Realistically it was a crazy time for me to start a business. In the middle of an international move, my husband's job transition, lots of work trips leaving me solo with the kids. We were living in my aunt's basement apartment for heaven's sake. But I did it. And when I felt pulled in 800 different directions, I still kept going. Did I/do I feel mom guilt for this birth passion of mine taking my attention from my boys? Yeah, clearly. That is part of life now. But if there is a calling, a small simmering voice deep inside your soul that whispers to you - there is literally no day but today to answer it. So, I filed for a business license, picked up an insurance policy, applied to volunteer with NILMDTS, honed my skills and got out there. It was uncomfortable at times, being vulnerable with these dreams I've held so dearly. It still is. But I believe I've been called to make a difference in the birth climate here. I feel I've been called to help mothers and families of all stages navigate building a family, dealing with loss, working towards better healthcare options while telling their stories - showing family after family that they are not alone and that they have options and support. So, for me, helping mothers is part of my own motherhood story. I hope that it will mold the way my children look at motherhood, birth, women's choices, healthcare and living your passions. Because when we see parts of society that make us uncomfortable, now is the time and we are the people to change it.

Happy Mother's Day to you all - mothers in body, spirit, and action. May you bring the changes you want to see - for yourselves and our children.

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