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Do What Sets Your Soul On Fire (also, some exciting news in that vein!)

What do high school seniors, weddings and babies in baskets have in common? They fo' sho' don't set my soul on fire! I have heaps of respect for those photographers who are a jack of all trades, or those who specialize in weddings/precious newborn bundles all wrapped in a million different layers of gauzy fabric and airbrushed into doll like dreaminess. That stuff just isn't me. So, if you ask about any of those sessions I will more than likely give you some excellent referrals. We have many amazing local photographers who make that kind of magic. As for me? Birth is where it's at. I want to tell stories - real, raw, life loving stories. I want to be in the nitty gritty of those tough times that forge us in the flames and transform us into another person on the other side. Those times in life that are always remembered as refining us, our relationships and how we interact with the world. Of course I love to follow the story from the beginning - maternity sessions to gender reveals, and after the birth I love a good postpartum/fresh 48/in home newborn. I love my clients. We become lifelong friends: after-all, I've been party to your transformation and was one of a handful of people to be the very first on Earth to meet your little one! Will I follow your babe through milestones and birthdays? Yep. Because I love them. A sitter session or cake smash is real life to me when I watched that little person take their first breath: following that little person is just a continuation of the story I started to tell at (or before) their birth.

So, if you have noticed that I run my photography business differently than others: you are absolutely right! Now, I'm not saying I won't ever run a mini session for breastfeeding or a neat maternity theme - I can't stifle my creative spirit by saying never! But Fall won't be my busy season. Don't look for Christmas tree minis. I don't aspire to be a jack of all trades or throw my hat into every arena. I'm your friendly neighborhood birth photographer and I'd love to tell your story <3

Interested in birth documentation? Find more info here or contact me for my welcome packet and to set up a consultation. I'd love to hear from you <3

PS: I'm in the process of becoming a certified birth and bereavement doula so I will be able to even better serve my birth clients and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep families! Central Arkansas birthing families are my passion and I owe it to myself and my community to dive deep and commit to the thing that makes my soul sing <3

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